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My daughter wanted a mal since 3rd grade and on her 18th Birthday we were finally able to get her one. We were moving from MT to TX and Tacti-Mal K9 Kennel made The Who process so smooth for our family. They take such pride in their pups and are so knowledgeable. They kept our pup until we could make it to TX to pick them up from their home. They were so kind and took such good care of our future member of our family. We love our pup!! Everyone that has asked about our Mal we send them your way. Thank you so much 💙

- Summer L.

I can’t recommend Tacti-Mal K9 Kennels enough. We were searching for the perfect pup and stumbled across them on an AKC listing. While we were initially apprehensive about purchasing a puppy out of state, we felt so reassured after speaking with Gary. He helped us coordinate transport and was so flexible and helpful at every turn. The process was seamless, and we fell so deeply in love with our puppy that our dear friends also ended up welcoming home one of his siblings. Gary has continued to stay in touch, providing valuable insight and recommendations regarding training, nutrition, hygiene, and supplies to support optimal health and behavior. The Trojcak’s truly care for each puppy as their own, and it shows in the demeanor of the dogs and how quickly our little guy assimilated into our family beside his human brother and canine siblings. We have enjoyed the process working with Tacti-Mal K9 Kennels and count ourselves blessed to have a handsome new puppy as well as new friends in Gary and Brandy Trojcak.

- Jen K.

Phoenix, AZ

My experience with Tacti-Mal K9 Kennels has been awesome!! I was fortunate enough to get a pup from Litter B (female, orange collar) and extremely lucky to live nearby in Beaumont, TX. Owners, Gary and Brandi allowed me to come visit the pups so I was able to see first hand their management and care of the pups, the facilities and their adult dogs. Your biggest fear (sight unseen) as a potential new owner of a pup is how the pups are being cared for and under what type of conditions. Gary and Brandi have a tremendously professional setup from birthing to puppy rearing facilities and practices. Their setup is awesome and the attention to every detail of the puppies first weeks is top notch. The pups are some of the most beautiful and healthy Malinois dogs I’ve seen. Both Gary and Brandi are extremely knowledgeable on the Malinois breed and made time to answer my many questions. They allowed me to visit the pup I had selected so that we could get aquatinted and start bonding. They shared lots of good information regarding various products, food, vets, training and other useful services. Lucci (orange collar) has been home now for a month and I could not be happier with my decision!! I would highly recommend Tacti-Mal K9 Kennels to anyone interested in the Malinois breed. You will not find other breeders like Gary and Brandi and the quality dogs they are turning out. I have my name on the list for another pup in the future!!

- Paula L.


Very pleasant experience. We are 1st time Mal owners, and they made sure we knew what we were getting into. They answered all our questions promptly and even sent photos so we could watch our “sweet girl” grow in photos. Our Astraea has seen the vet and a K-9 trainer and they’ve both been very impressed with her. If I decide I’m a complete lunatic and need a 2nd one I will definitely give Gary & Brandy a call without reservation.

- Shane B.

Fort Worth, TX

Gary and Brandy were fantastic to work with. You can see that they truly care where their puppies go and make sure the new owners understand the challenges of a large breed active dog. They make sure you have the right mindset and are prepared to care for a Malinois. I would highly recommend them to friends and family.

- Lori M.

Azle, TX

We bought our southern belle from Gary, and the experience was great. No issues with the process or the puppy. I was lucky that I live close to his house and could meet him at his house to see the living condition of the puppies and his dogs. He uses a vet that I use also. I work for UPS and talked with the driver that delivered to his house often. I can truly say the dogs that he uses to breed are well kept and not just used to make money. The puppies are kept in a building with AC even in this Texas heat. The vet stated that they were very familiar with Gary, and that he takes care of all his dogs. If your looking at his dogs, in my opinion you will get a great pup. Ours is very intelligent, also very stubborn and just fits well with our family

- Charlie S.

"My experience with Gary and Brandy was exceptional. I searched many breeders in my area and beyond, including meeting with them, their sires, and dams to ensure I was getting a puppy of high quality for our family. I researched TactiMAL and was impressed from the start. Gary provides proof of health assessments of all of his sires and dams to give you peace of mind that your puppy will come from a strong pedigree. I cannot recommend TactiMAL enough. We love our Malinois from TactiMAL K9!

- Andrew G.

Slidell, LA

"We had a excellent experience! Gary and Brandy were very communicative through the entire process. We looked forward to the updates pics and videos that were shared with us. We have a beautiful, intelligent dog with great potential. Couldn’t be happier! Thank you Gary and Brandy!"

- Nick G.


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